What is Marriage Week?

MarriageWeek in an independent, non-profit association, with clear goals for encouraging couples in their ongoing relationship. The activites are managed by volounteers and the financial administration and donor reporting is overseen by an independent group.

How does Marriage Week work?

Every year, from the 7th - 14th of February, MarriageWeek gives the couple the opportunity and the encouragement to focus on their relationship.  We have long seen the 14th as an expression of romantic love, and «marriage week» embraces this important concept as well as giving a place for friendship, communication, forgiveness and fun.  Those who are preparing for marriage, as well as those already married, will feel the encouragement to invest in their couple in a special way during the week.  It would be unreasonable to suggest that divorce will disappear as a consequence, but undeniably such week can have a long standing impact on many couples.


What is an activity?

Across the nation, different groups and individuals are planning activities that will be fun and helpful for couples. These can happen in a town hall, a restaurant, or even on a mountain top!

No-one in the MarriageWeek office tells people what they should do, so everyone imagines an activity that they would like to attend, and then organises it. Their activity is published on this website, and participants can then search for activities by region, type, or both. So if you are looking for a special dance evening, or a chinese restuarant with a special atmosphere for couples, you can search here.

You didn't find what you wanted? Then why not create it yourself!

When was the last time?

Couples can't remember their last date

What can we do now?

Every year during MarriageWeek dozens of great activites are propsed for couples. During the rest of the year, you can still do things to help your marriage! Take a look at the resources page on this site.



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