A great marriage

Couples will willingly make small changes in their behaviour when they realise the benefits. Knowing what to do (and what not to do) is a lifelong learning process, but making a few key changes every year makes the world of difference.
Adapting to changes in our lives requires adjustments in the couple. A new job, a change of location, the death of someone close or the birth of a child are all examples of factors which stress the couple and require that they change. The main reason that people refuse to change is that they do not know how to.

Background and origins

Marriage remains an important institution.

Marriage remains a popular institution.  Across Europe, the number of people choosing to live a marriage lifestyle is increasing. This defies the predictions a decade ago that marriage was an institution of the past. It proves increasingly to be a union of choice. In fact, some 85% of young people acknowledge that they would like to be married and start a family.  Not all of them choose to register their union.

In Switzerland, every week, over 1'500 people promise love, faithfulness and companionship. That means nearly 40'000 marriages each year. Some 3'400'000  people have chosen this life-style. How can we support this choice?

Ten years of experience in England have shown that this kind of event tends to assemble the political and religious parties across the nation. Richard Kane, the founder of  MarriageWeek in England, has frequently been received by major political and religious leaders during the event.

Newspapers, radio and other media have a major role in publishing the event. Experience in Switzerland has already shown that relational themes are very popular with the media around the 14th of February.  Publicity can also be provided by advertisements, posters, flyers, etc.

One very successful strategy in England was to publish the MarriageWeek challenge in the newspaper, which provoked couples to take a newspaper article every day and to spend just ten minutes discussing it as a couple!

Any group who wants to put on an event can benefit from the name, or the logo of  MarriageWeek to give extra support to their activity.  The internet site will carry a list of suggested activities for those who need extra inspiration, and why not a list of events in the localities so that anyone can log on to see what is happening in their area?

Articles and helpful materials will be available to those who need ideas. The goal is that every couple will find a way of doing something to strengthen their relationship during this week.