Make it last

Make it last

Mountain climbing and marriage have much in common. The weather can get bad fast!

You chose to marry on the 10 10 10, the 11 11 11, the 11.12.13, the 2.7.14, or perhaps the 1.7.17 1.8.18, 1.9.19! All these great dates!

Whatever the number, you want to make sure it is a date to remember!

This year my wife and I are celebrating over 30 years of marriage. Nearly two million couples in Switzerland will tell you that your marriage and your family can be a great success. They will also tell you that most of us have to pay some conscious attention to the relationship along the way. Very simply, there are a few things to be learnt if we want to have a successful relationship.

If you decided to start playing golf, it would be no surprise that the first time you tee off the ball doesn’t go very far. By practicing your grip, your swing, sour stance and your mental attitude you vastly improve your game over a period of a few months. Even then, a change in the weather or playing on a new course will need some thoughtful adjustment.

Of course, you see the parallel. But where do we acquire the necessary tips to make our marriage work?  On the Marriage Week website we have listed many good reference sources. There are not only internet sites and books, but there are also DVDs, and there are even special evenings for couples.

Whatever you decide to do, the best way forwards is to realize that we all have something to learn. Most men feel they have made a major step by recognizing that they need a wife, so the idea of learning more is sometimes daunting. But learning more can actually be fun, especially when you see the results that small changes can make in your daily relationship.

Marriage Week is on your side. Every year it is a reminder to all of us that good marriages don’t just happen, but we need to stop from time to time and consider how we can give our relationship the ingredients it needs for success.

Recent figures show that in Switzerland marriage is more popular than ever, and that divorces are slowing down. That is a message of hope for each and every one of us. Every couple has a date to remember!